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I am Amanda Rose Walsh.

My intention is to make your life better, to help you live as your best self on a mind and body level. Why you ask?

Because the mind and body are so interconnected you can't improve one without the other.
Plus, I am passionate about helping people THRIVE. . . and thriving is a balance of both.

My unique approach is a culmination of 12+ years of experience and expertise working with hundreds of clients as a personal trainer, yoga instructor, champion boxer, and health coach.

Let's take the first step together.

Will our workouts always be fresh, creative and interactive? Of course!
Will I help you clean up your diet and teach you about proper nutrition? Most definitely!
Will I offer my support and guidance to help you overcome obstacles? Ummmmm. YES!
Will you have fun in the process and learn to feel good in your own skin? I guarantee it!

I'm ready to get started, are you?

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My Story

My love affair with fitness began at the young age of 14. After being bullied for most of my childhood, I found exercise to be an effective outlet in working through my emotions. Since those early days, I have dedicated my life to exploring all aspects of healthy living. By 18, I was a certified personal trainer and for over a decade worked in two corporate gyms, training hundreds of clients. I learned and experimented with various methods of fitness, such as power lifting, running and Pilates.

However, my true passion was discovered the first time I walked into a boxing gym. I was searching for a way to let out my aggression after a bad break-up and immediately became addicted to punching! After several years of intense training and preparing, I started competing in fights with an amateur record of 8-4. The most memorable accomplishment of my boxing career was fighting in Madison Square Garden, winning the 2008 New York Golden Gloves Championship.

Boxing helped me tackle my insecurities, fears, and body image issues and gave me the opportunity to succeed in a male-dominated arena. This experience helped me become a fierce, strong and confident woman, an education for life that no classroom could ever provide.

Being heavily influenced by a trip to India, I discovered a deep and passionate love for yoga, its philosophy and ancient science. I traveled to Thailand to complete my teacher training in 2010 and have since been teaching students the mind-body-breath connection. This transition has allowed me to apply the same principles of focus, discipline and commitment from the boxing ring to the yoga mat.

Currently, my attention has expanded to pregnancy, having just completed a prenatal yoga teacher training to combine with my prenatal fitness certification. I am also exploring childbirth education and becoming a doula to assist women with their birthing experience. When I'm not in a fierce Warrior 2 pose, you can find me riding my bike through the streets of New York City, running laps around Central Park, or diving into the local farmers markets in search for the healthiest (and tastiest) foods that serve my veggie-preferred palate.

I am an agent of change with the life purpose to inspire everyone to look, feel and live their best!


  • Masters in Exercise Physiology, Columbia University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Education, Pace University
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • 2008 New York Golden Gloves Boxing Champion
  • 2007 Empire State Games Gold Medalist
  • Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor
  • Pre|Post Natal Trainer & Yoga Teacher
  • CPR|AED Certified


Pick and choose from my areas of expertise to create an individualized program suited for your needs, goals and abilities. Each program also includes nutritional advice, dietary modifications and healthy food suggestions.


Yoga Pose

Learn the fundamentals of a yoga practice as well as the science behind it. Focus is on the breath, proper alignment and smart sequencing to add a new level of flexibility and balance to your life. With this Vinyasa flow, be prepared to sweat!


Boxing Training

Experience what it's like to have a real boxing workout. Sessions are cardio crazy with jump rope, shadow boxing, footwork drills, heavy bag training, focus mitts and of course, ab work. Sweat inducing, heart pounding and interactive fun.


TRX Training Shot

Increase strength, stamina and muscle tone with this creative, multidisciplinary approach to fitness. Sessions include a mix of TRX, machines, dumbbells and training equipment. Expect to work on plyometrics, interval training and fat burning exercises.


  • "I started training with Amanda 2 months after undergoing a lumbar disc replacement surgery, and 1 year before a cervical disc replacement surgery. In the year we've been working together, Amanda has had the single largest influence and impact on my life. She helped me lose the weight I had gained, and toned my body in ways I never thought possible, given my physical limitations. Her workouts are fun, exciting, and challenging, always making sure my alignment is correct. With Amanda's help, I am stronger and more fit than I've ever been, despite my injuries, and as a result of my work with her, I've had what my surgeon considers the most successful recovery he's ever seen for this procedure."

    Holly, 1 year

  • "My life has changed since I started training with Amanda and I have not felt better about my physical health and the way my body looks. Training with Amanda is fun and challenging as she tailors the program to fit my needs and goals. She cares about my progress and makes me feel like the most important person in the world. I had learned a great deal from her that I am able to use not only in the gym but also in life. I am a happier and healthier person thanks to Amanda."

    Elena, 3 years

  • "Amanda Rose is not merely a personal trainer, she is a life changer. She has since become my boxing coach, running coach, yoga instructor, motivator and ass-kicker. I can honestly say my life is better (and healthier) with Amanda by my side!"

    Maya, 5 years

  • "Amanda's got an amazing bedside manner, which one would think wouldn't apply when being forced to throw punches and kicks. But it matters! We've become great friends over the course of the year I've been boxing with her. It's a huge self-esteem builder. My biggest accomplishment with Amanda? I can now easily do 20 pushups like a guy."

    Joya, 5 years

  • "I have been training with Amanda for four years. When I first started, I could barely exercise because it had started making my chronic migraines much worse. Working with Amanda has given me back the ability to work out with joy and has enabled me to regain strength so I can move with more energy. She is easy to talk to - I have never felt criticized and have always been listened to and supported."

    Carolyn, 6 years

  • "Amanda has been such an amazing positive force in my life. Through her encouragement, training, and guidance, I have lost 8 lbs, gained muscle definition, and started to run -- something I never had the motivation or ability to do before. Even more important, I feel enthusiastic about working out and eating healthy, and I can feel how much stronger and healthier my body is. Every session with Amanda kicks my butt in the best possible way. She tailors the workouts to what I want to focus on, while suggesting tweaks for my own personal workout regimen. Finding Amanda and working with her was one of the highlights of 2011 for me."

    Jen, 1 year

  • "Amanda was AMAZING. I hate working out and she totally motivated me throughout my pregnancy. I always felt like I had a good workout after seeing her. Amanda was super attentive to what my body needed and is a true expert. I had an arduous labor- but pushing was easy due to practicing stretching and squats with her. I would recommend Amanda to anyone pregnant!"

    Jordana, 1 year

  • "Simply put: Amanda changed my life. I thought I was looking for a trainer just to kick my lazy ass into bridal shape. 8 months after my wedding, I still can't let go of Amanda's innovative and inspiring workouts that have changed my approach to exercise, eating and life. It's hard for me to even remember what my body and mind were like before her, as she has radically improved both."

    Anneke, 1 year

  • "Amanda Walsh is an outstanding teacher, very competent, thoughtful, and very sensitive to the needs and abilities of the client. I could not ask for a better boxing instructor, fitness trainer, and guide in this process."

    Scott B, 6 years

  • "The extensive skill set and inspirational energy of Amanda Walsh continually challenges and motivates me to reach my escalating fitness goals."

    Elyse, 7 years

  • "There are few "trainers" like Amanda. In fact, I think there should be a new word for someone of her passion, prowess and dedication to people and wanting to make a difference in their lives. For she is not merely a fitness trainer, instructor or nutritional educator. Beyond her hugely extensive range of arenas of health and fitness she is well experienced in, there is just something about Amanda, that beyond the way you feel after she leaves it is how you feel when she is with you that really makes a difference...her soul and energy just leave you wanting more.....of her insights, her spirit, laughter, her results!. I call it "the Amanda Affect; " trust me, you want to get under her spell."

    Lisbeth, 1.5 years

  • "Quite simply Amanda is the best trainer I have ever had. I used to hate going to the gym and now I absolutely love working out because each session with her is different. The best thing I can say about Amanda is that our interactions don't end in the gym. We communicate throughout the day on my food journal, suggested exercises and everything else fitness related. I have lost 15 pounds since I started with Amanda and I have never felt better. A life changing experience."

    Mike, 1.5 years


Hello Mammas-in-training! Let's work through your pregnancy with safety and ease.

Prenatal training includes a mix of both strengthening exercises to keep the body toned and strong, as well as yoga to increase flexibility and prepare for labor.

Emphasis is given to the safety of the baby and the comfort and abilities of the mother. This program also includes childbirth education varying from pain management, optimal labor positions, risks and benefits of interventions and post partum recovery, care and support.


Commit to your life change and purchase a package of sessions. Each session is one hour in length on a mutually agreed upon location. (Location options include in home, local parks, apartment gyms, and private training studios) I will come to you no matter where you are, except a fast food restaurant! The first session is always complimentary so you get a chance to check out my style and see if our energies mesh.


One-on-One Training

  • 5 sessions = $650/$130 an hour
  • 10 sessions = $1250/$125 an hour
  • 20 sessions = $2400/$120 an hour
  • 30 sessions = $3450/$115 an hour

Semi-Private Group Training

Train with a friend and pay $70 each per session.

  • 1 session = $70/per person
  • 5 sessions = $350/per person
  • 10 sessions = $700/ per person

Still on the fence? The first session is complementary!


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